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Episode 69: Underwater Cities

The Snobs discuss, dive into, review, mention in passing and rant about these things in this episode:  Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s Benjamin Sisko, beers of the world, fan mail, Bill Pullman or Paxton, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Twister, Star Wars Rise of Skywalker and lastly Underwater Cities by Vladimir Suchy and how does it compare to Terraforming Mars?  Does it?  Which is better in our opinion??  Let’s find out!


Episode 68: Dear Stephen

The Snobs discuss, dive into, review, mention in passing and rant about these things in this episode: Naruto running (again), Discord, Hobbs and Shaw, apple reviews, other podcasts, Grand Austria, Jerry leaves the room, Icelandic Beer, beef jerky, Evander Holyfield, and lastly the Snobs address their feelings on counterfeiting and plagiarism in the board gaming community. Hmmm, so Jerry DOES have feelings...Enjoy!!



Episode 67: Talon by GMT

The Snobs discuss whether they are human or are they dancer, where did music originate, Gaby does random trivia and they also review Talon by GMT games and Gaby asks Jerry a little about Jerry’s dad. Enjoy!!  

For more on Talon—>Boardgamegeek

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Episode 66: Troyes and Star Trek Conflick

Ok. If you’re not a fan of unfocused, wildly erratic podcasts, this particular episode is not for you. But if you are a regular listener of The Snobs, they are in full form this episode, possibly delirious after a lengthy recording sesh. Things discussed or mentioned in passing: Star Trek, Chernobyl’s vodka, Rascal Flatts, they sing John Denver, games that started modern board gaming, Crocodile Dundee making a phone call, elephants, jerky, Star Trek Conflick and Troyes. Enjoy!


Episode 65: Nations the Board Game

The Snobs introduce Darth Plagiarism. Gaby thanks a listener for being classy.   They also discuss Nations versus Through the Ages and read a couple of emails and banter.  A lot.

Nations review: 23:02


Episode 64: Western Legends and Porta Nigra

The Snobs discuss famous outlaws, western movies, Western Legends, Porta Nigra and the Lion King.  Enjoy!!

Western Legends begins at 11:42

Porta Nigra 27:07

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Episode 63: Star Wars Outer Rim and Fantasy Ranch

The Snobs discuss plagiarism, Star Wars Outer Rim, Fantasy Ranch and read a listener email.  For links to some of the things discussed in this podcast check below.  Enjoy!

Star Wars Outer Rim 16:03

Fantasy Ranch 30:08

Space Biff

Outer Rim on Amazon

Fantasy Ranch Game

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Episode 62: The Joey of Auztralian Castell’s

The Snobs discuss the temperament of kangaroos, horns growing out of the back of cellphone users heads, the safety of airplanes and also two games, Martin Wallace’s Auztralia and Castell. Enjoy and also check out the various links below!! 

Castell review starts at 10:23

Auztralia review starts at 18:43 

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If interested in purchasing Auztralia online Amazon had the best price, click here Amazon.

If interested in purchasing Castell Amazon is the only place I could even find it except for maybe ebay...but heres Amazon link Castell on Amazon.

Horns on heads

Do kangaroos drown dogs...


Episode 61: Pun-tacular

The Snobs discuss Pirate Games, Tila Tequila, Matthew McConaughey, Roll Player, Black Sonata, Austin Powers, Enrique's nose whistle, Jerry's Pun game and so much more.  Please enjoy an episode where the Snobs are at their most random!!

If you wish to go to the reviews more quickly, well then this podcast is most likely not for you but yet we are sympathetic to your needs so here are some time stamps-

14:32 Roll Player

23:49 Teotihuacan Solo (Teotibot)

28:07 Black Sonata


Episode 60: The Networks

The Snobs discuss the worse movie they ever watched alone in a theater, the Ticket to Ride tv series and The Networks by Gil Hova. Enjoy! Please rate and review on your podcast player of choice.  Email at

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