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Episode 53: Part 2 of Our Top 10 Games of All Time aka Always Never Been

The Snobs finish up their list of top 10 games of all time, number 5 through 1. Game of Thrones and Viticulure were Jerry and Gaby's number ones last year, will they remain so?  Banter segment discussion, Wil Wheaton and other Star Trek alum celebrity net worths.  Download, rate, review! Enjoy!  

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Episode 52: Part One-Click Bait Top 10-6 Games of All Time Ever Click Now For More Info!

The Snob's read an email following up on their Viking facts then they review their top 10-6 games each of all time ever!  At least for now. Enjoy!


Episode 51: Gold West

The Snobs discuss Thing working at Alamo Drafthouse, Jerry trying to catch up on the MCU, and Gold West by J Alex Kevern. Outro by Gaby's dad per request, enjoy!!


Episode 50: Snob Wars

The Snobs discuss the new Star Wars teaser trailer, Midichlorian counts and Kylo's mask.  They then discuss their recent foray into war gaming.  Jerry learns Combat Commander and attempts to teach Gaby.  Did Gaby like it?  Who is Blankenship? Who are the modern day action heroes?  Why so many questions?  How do I stop? Enjoy?


Episode 49: Random Raccoon

The Snobs discuss their recent readings and Raccoon Tycoon...barely.  Enjoy!



Episode 48: How Jarl Doing?!

Three games. Different mechanisms. One theme. Which one is the best?!?! Who knows but we talk about which one we like the best and our answers differ. Cause you know opinions are like yada yada yada, they all stink. During 878 Vikings, Enrique and Bubba took on me and Jerry. Bubba plotted. Enrique nervously gnawed his neglected, non nourishing, nugget tainted nails. They won. How? Why? These questions and more go unanswered in this weeks podcast where among other things Jerry also confuses Micheal Douglass with his father Kirk in the Vikings movie creating another Rice a Roni like disaster. Enjoy!!


Episode 47: Stone Age/Last Will

In this very special episode (not really) the T-800 Terminator won't leave Jerry alone, the Snob's put a new idea for content out there and then they discuss Stone Age the Anniversary addition and Last Will.  Enjoy!

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Episode 46: Icon

We issue our sincerest apologies to Uncle Ben.  Jerry speaks passionately about Carmen Sandiego.  Gaby wants to know which way is port on a ship. We also discuss Gugong by Tasty Minstrel Games and Starship Samurai by Plaid Hat Games. Rate and review us on your podcast aggregator of choice.  Enjoy!!

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Episode 45: Chroni-what-cles of Crime and Yokohama

I'm tired. Brief description, we discuss Chronicles of Crime and Yokohama.  Enjoy!


Episode 44: Rondel Baker and Mancala Moraga

If you could name your children after board game mechanics, which ones would you choose??  The Snobs have found their's.  Both of which are in the game Crusaders Thy Will Be Done.  They also discuss Pandemic Fall of Rome.  Emails are read, words are said, is Pandemic dead?  Interested? Enjoy!!